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No more waiting to receive SWIFT confirmation messages, the unique service of HBL e-SWIFT Advice brings you the convenience of readily receiving SWIFT details on email.

The e-SWIFT Advice service brings you the convenience of receiving SWIFT details of Inward and Outward transfers in a secure PDF file. This not only allow us to conserve resources by replacing paper advices, but also allows you to receive your e-SWIFT Advice faster while given you easy access to your e-SWIFT Advice at anytime.

Features and benefits

Comprehensive information about your transfers The e-SWIFT Advice is provided for both inward and outward transfers, and provides complete information of a SWIFT Message to assure that your transfer has been processed as per your instructions.

Safe and Secure e-SWIFT Advice is delivered through email in a PDF file format which is password protected, and the password instructions are always provided in the e-SWIFT Advice email. Additionally, the e-SWIFT Advice is delivered to your email address registered with us which is already secured with your Login ID and Password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An e-SWIFT Advice is an electronic version of your SWIFT details for a transfer. The e-SWIFT Advice is delivered to you on your email address in a PDF file format.


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