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HBL Fast Transfer (Sri Lanka)

HBL FastTransfer enables you to send remittances to your loved ones in Sri Lanka, easily and efficiently.

You can send remittances via Cash using HBL Branches, or via HBL UAE Account using HBL Branches, ATMs, and Phone Banking.

The remittance can be sent to the following types of beneficiaries in Sri Lanka.

• Beneficiary Account at HBL Sri Lanka

• Beneficiary Account at Another Bank in Sri Lanka

Features and benefits

• Fast and Reliable.

• Remit through HBL UAE Branches, with extended branch hours at select locations. Click here for Branch Location, Address, and Timings.

• Using your HBL DebitCard, 24/7 Remittance Services are available through HBL ATMs. Click here for ATM Location, and Address.

• Using your HBL Account, 24/7 Remittance Services are available through and HBL PhoneBanking. You can simply call our HBL PhoneBanking on 600 522 228 (Within UAE) or on +971 600 522 228 / +971 4 3559739 (Outside UAE).

• Same Day processing time if remittance is sent to an Accountholder at HBL Sri Lanka
• Safety and Security of your account with Membership sign-up and pre-defined beneficiary in your profile. You can setup up to 6 beneficiaries in one profile.

To register with HBL FastTransfer, please visit your nearest HBL UAE branch, fill a simple form, and provide your original Emirates ID/Passport.

HBL FastTransfer is available to you through the following

Note: To use HBL FastTransfer, you must register and add a beneficiary in your FastTransfer Membership profile.

Yes, it is possible to amend/cancel a remittance transaction after you have already sent it. It is however requested that frequency amendment/cancellation is not practiced. Also, the amendment/cancellation can only be processed if the beneficiary has not withdrawn the funds.

If the remittance sent to another bank account in Sri Lanka is required to be amended/cancelled, then the amendment/cancellation is subject to processing by the beneficiary bank, which may take some time, if approved by the beneficiary bank.
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