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HBL Term Deposit

Earn competitive interest and guaranteed returns on your savings, across a range of currencies, with HBL Term Deposit. HBL Term Deposit is suitable for customers who wish to earn more on their savings.

Features and benefits

  • A safe form of investment ideal for investors seeking low risk investment solutions.
  • Choose from local or foreign currency HBL TermDeposit.
  • Guaranteed returns at competitive interest rates *.
  • Protects and safeguards wealth whilst offering guaranteed returns.

Salient Features

Low minimum deposit requirement
Minimum AED 10,000 or equivalent Foreign Currency Account holders: USD 5,000 or equivalent.
Tenor of your choice **
1, 3, 6, 9, 12, or as specified by you.
Multiple currencies ***
Options to start a term deposit in AED, USD, GBP, EUR, amongst many others
Opportunity to maximize your returns
Choose different accounts for your initial sum invested and the interest received to be paid into. You can rollover your term deposit into a new deal on maturity, with only the interest portion being credited to your chosen account. Or, you can benefit from even higher rates of interest when you choose to rollover the principal plus interest earned, or if you deposit new money into the bank.

*​​All currency conversions will be at prevailing exchange rates at the discretion and determination of the Bank. Interest rates are subject to change from time to time, but the interest rate applicable to your HBL TermDeposit at the point the investment is made is fixed for the entire term.

** The bank reserves the right to offer/restrict certain tenors as applicable from time-to-time. Encashment of the deposit before the maturity of the tenor may in certain cases result in charges for the customer.

*** The currency list is indicative and the bank reserves the right to offer/restrict certain currencies as applicable from time-to-time

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To apply for an HBL TermDeposit, please visit your nearest HBL UAE branch. A simple form is filled out and the HBL TermDeposit is booked via your existing Current or Savings Account. New clients can visit any of our branches to open a current or savings account as they choose, and can then apply for a HBL TermDeposit with their chosen tenor and deposit amount. Our dedicated staff will be happy to assist you with all your banking queries.


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